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March 31, 2005, John Brooks, Puertecitos, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

Max Rogers and I headed to Puertecitos Baja Thursday March 31 with Max's 19-foot boat in tow. After 18 hours drive we arrived, and set up camp Friday night.

Wind is gusting to 20 knots. Launch the boat at Puertecitos at 8 a.m. Saturday and head to the Golden Reef. At 18 miles out, we drop iron tipped with squid 180 feet deep. Golden Spotted Bass on every drop! We catch and release 20 some bass.

We see yellowtail boiling so we set up to troll, and catch limits of yellowtail. Left them boiling and biting!

On Sunday we launched at 6 a.m. and head to the Enchanted Islands. I caught a Barracuda trolling a red and white rebel and Max got a yellowtail. Too much current between the islands so we go back to the Golden Reef. We catch limits of bass, then troll for more yellowtail. Lost a few to pulled hooks! Need 4x strong hooks! With limits we head back. Cook up some bass for dinner and party until midnight!

On Monday we scrounge up some gas for the boat and ice for the coolers and kick back. Have a BBQ with local clams, beef chuck and yellowtail.

On Tuesday we launch at 8 a.m. due to low tide. Back to the reef. Max gets a White Seabass on iron, limit on golden spotted bass and yellowtail. Hookup on every drop! Lost a couple in the props and pulled hooks. These things fight better the an albi.

Get back to the ramp at 5 p.m. and have to anchor the boat and walk in knee high water to the ramp and wait for the tide to come in. Get the boat out at 8:30 p.m.

Back out on Thursday at 9:30 after the tide came back in! Starboard motor seizes 1 mile out! Cut short the last day. Head back Friday. What a week of fishing or I mean CATCHING! Puertecitos has to be the new capital for yellowtail. Just finished processing the fish in to the freezer.

The water temperatures at Puertecitos were 63 degrees in the a.m. and 68 in the p.m. We launched at the ramp. The water color was green in shore and blue off shore. The wind came up and then back down. Not too bad for spring.

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