San Felipe, Mexico



June 1, 2005, Ken Jones, Gonzaga Bay, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

My friend Bret Hambrick and I took our 12-foot boat to the Isla El Huerfanito area in the northern Cortez, south of San Felipe, for some close to shore fishing over Memorial Day weekend. Winds were not very cooperating whether blowing off shore or on shore, and the water was churned up a bit and not clear.

Motor problems and winds kept the actual fishing to driving south to Gonzaga Bay for some VERY close to shore fishing and caught the usual Triggers, Bay Bass, Barracuda, and Mackerel that came in later into the bay that set the Pelicans into a frenzy.

The worst problem by far were the bees. Yes, bees. If anyone plans on camping in that area in the next few weeks (most of this was north of Huerfanito) be warned that possibly because of the heavy rains this winter, the bees are out and they are NOT happy. Any liquid left out will draw one bee and within an hour, hundreds if not thousands will "be" in your camp. While not stinging per se, they did have an attitude and would follow anything that moved...even staying with the car for a while as you drove away from camp swatting and cursing. I normally have no problem with them but this was way beyond belief. Just when we think we have figured out the coyotes, the birds, and the jejenes, here come the bees! Baja is the gift that just keeps giving.

The water temperature was 73 degrees. We bought a fish finder and now I have this theory that 20 blue whales could be swimming next to our boat but I wont see them cause I'll have my eyes glued to that stupid screen!

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