San Felipe, Mexico



Sept. 14, 2005, Ken Jones, Northern Sea of Cortez, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Shore Fishing Report:

I just back from a camping and fishing trip near Black Mountain in the Northern Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico.

Air temperatures were not too humid and around 95 degrees. The fishing water seemed cloudy from the usual fierce night winds in the area. Winds for the most part calmed down during the day but once the sun set, look out and bring down those canopies!

Fishing was fair for lures because of the water color, but I still landed a corvina, yellow snappers, 3 ribera cabrilla, larger triggers to five pounds or more, and dozens of the usual and ever happy to please spotted bay bass. A figure-eight puffer rounded out the species caught.

One triggerfish literally followed the lure right out of the water and onto the rocks and another actually broke free from the hook right at my feet in the water and instead of swimming away, was so mad he promptly grabbed the hook again and I pulled him in. Looks like having few enemies makes them a bit bold.

The new paved road between Santa Maria and Puertecitos seems to be creeping along ever so slowly south.

Thanks again for The Baja Catch. I had never kept a Ribera Cabrilla before and, oh my, was it good. Watch those teeth! The yellow snappers I had never caught before at this location and they were amazing eating too. Most everything else thrown back of course. What is stunning is that this was just a "fair" shoreline fishing trip, yet such fun and good eating!

It was all shore fishing. In fact, I have my favorite rock that sits about 20 yards from what must be a "sweet spot" to use the baseball bat analogy. I have caught at least 10-12 species from this one rock.

I am just as happy standing on a rock and casting into the morning sun as I am in a small boat.

We were there four days. It is a small spur road past Campo La Costilla and before Huerfanito.

My friend and I have always had trouble with the "hot chocolate cliffs" mentioned in The Baja Catch but this time I think I finally nailed them as I looked back over the area from that raised point.

Our camp is just north of those cliffs. No one goes there and that is the way we like it! It is stunning in this day and age, with so many people, our campfire is still the same as when we left it, months later, just one of those beautiful places where there is not enough interest or fish for the commercial boats, and too rough to get to for the rest. Therefore the fish just get do their thang.

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