San Felipe, Mexico



Oct. 9, 2005, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Town Report:

At San Felipe the heat just doesn't want to let up. It's 84 degrees on the balcony right now and will surely go up to the high 90's by the afternoon. The humidity is about 24 percent and it feels pretty moist, but it's been much higher this past week. The water temperature at San Felipe remains in the high 80s.

Fortunately, "Otis" turned out into the Pacific last week. San Felipe got no effects at all, which was a relief. But we all wonder if the hot weather and gasoline prices are keeping the snow birds from pouring in. They are usually coming down thick and fast by now. Everyone could use the activity.

Two young men took off a few days ago for Puerto Vallarta. They are going to make the trip in a small motor boat, something like a "Zodiac." They are navigating down the Sea Of Cortez until they reach the ferry point, taking the ferry over to Mazatlan, and continuing south to Vallarta in the boat. They are doing it strictly for the adventure of it. We asked them to please drop us an email when they get there, but they have a web site which might have updated info on it,

Poppa Neutrino, of rafting fame, is on his way back to San Felipe and we'll know his plans by tomorrow. He has had many adventures over the summer, and he is bringing his wife, Captain Betsy, with him this time so it's bound to be very interesting. We'll bring you up to date next time. Meanwhile, vaya con Dios from the book store by the bay.

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