San Felipe, Mexico



Jan. 15, 2006, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Town Report:

At San Felipe the weather has been pretty gorgeous most of the week. This morning however the wind has picked up and it feels quite chilly. The thermometer on the balcony says 60 degrees, but it sure doesn't feel that warm, not even in the sun. The humidity is around 46 percent and last night the low was a comfortable 52 degrees.

The town of San Felipe has been deserted as far as tourists for most of the week but there has been a lot of other news.

The San Felipe Animal Shelter was vandalized and their trailer, which not only housed sick dogs and nursing mothers, but contained all of their medical supplies, food, and equipment, was burned to the ground. This happened last weekend. There had been a female and 13 puppies in the trailer when it was burned. Needless to say the people who run the shelter, many of whom are volunteers) and all of whom have worked so hard all these months, are simply devastated, but they are determined to rebuild. Fortunately, the death toll did not extend to the 100 or so caged animals that were in the outside runs. A formal investigation is underway but so far there is only speculation as to who could be responsible.

The other major news is that the St. James Infirmary has been sold to a private party and Dr. Abasolow has resigned his position there and will return to his private practice here in San Felipe. There is no way to tell at the moment what the future ramifications of this are likely to be. I have heard several rumors but only time will actually tell. At any rate Dr. and Caroline Summers are no longer involved with the hospital and the new administration is so far not public. The town of San Felipe, as I keep saying, is changing. Until next time, vaya con Dios everybody, from the bookstore by the bay.

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