San Quintin, Mexico:
Commerical Fishing Boats Spot Tuna 20 Miles Out

July 10, 2005, Ana Perez, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico sportfishing:

Today, we just received a radio call from a commercial boat that is seeing a large number of yellowfin tuna schools, 20 miles northwest of San Martin Island.

The weather in the San Quintin area has remained at 60 to 65 degrees, and the water temperatures have dropped to 53 degrees along the coast and 65 degrees at 24 miles out. The water is slightly cloudy along the coast and clear 20 miles out. Winds have been light, except for two days with 14 m.p.h. wind. Waves have been moderate, and in general conditions have been good for fishing. This week again, we have many tourists in San Quintin, and the hotels are full.

Most pangas are fishing at San Quintin. At Don Eddie's Landing we are sending out about 15 pangas per day, and they are coming back with many limits of bottom fish.

The final results of the Don Eddie's San Quintin Fishing Tournament fishing on July 3, 2005:

First Place: Mark Smith, of Norco, Calif., halibut, 50.06 pounds, caught on live bait at the point, one hour before the end of the tournament, on the Nelly Girl, with Capt. Francisco Verrelleza.

Second Place: Tom Parilla of Garden Grove Calif., yellowtail, 31.04 pounds, caught at the 240 spot on live bait, on a private boat Boricua, with Capt. Fermin Rivera.

Third Place: Roberto Castro of Long Beach, Calif., lingcod, 18.07 pounds, caught at the 180 spot on live bait, on the Yolanda, with Capt. Antonio Yanez.

All boats fished out of Don Eddie's Landing.

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