San Quintin, Mexico:
Weekend Anglers Fill Don Eddie's Landing To Capacity

July 19, 2005, Ana Perez, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin sportfishing, Baja California, Mexico:

For the weekend, the San Quintin fishing area had air temperatures to 71 degrees near the coast, marine layers, and fog, turning sunny by noon. Winds offshore were 7 to 10 knots from the northwest, to 16 knots in the afternoons, with northwest swells to 6 feet, and clean water at 60 degrees.

At San Quintin, the hotels had another full weekend, and there are more tourists than rooms available. For rooms and boats we recommend that visitors have reservations well in advance.

Fishing at San Quintin through Saturday has been very productive, with bottom fish, red rockcod, white sea bass, sculpin, and lingcod. Five pangas went fishing out of Don Eddie's Landing and caught 23 halibut, fishing at the sandy beaches on the east side of Isla San Martin.

The best action was on yellowtail of 14 to 28 pounds caught at Isla San Martin, and the 240 and 15 spots.