San Quintin, Mexico:
Slow Fishing Conditions But 5 Yellowtail Caught With Capt Oscar Of K&M Offshore Sportfishing

July 25, 2005, Denis Quesnel, Action Lures, San Quintin sportfishing, Baja California, Mexico:

I fished with Capt. Oscar, Kelly's son, in the San Quintin tournament. There were still no tuna and there was a real bad red tide also. I managed to fish the back side of the island and caught 5 yellowtail to 18 lbs., half on Rapalas, 3 on blue-white Action lures. It was tough and hard fishing. There was a lot of sandbass there to 5 pounds. We caught 25, all on iron. There was no bait in the San Quintin harbor because of the bad water. But we had a great time as always.

All the sandbass were on jigs, and the yellowtails were hitting green Rapalas. We fished in 100 feet of 63-degree water. We also accidentally caught a 20-pound ling and some reds while yo-yoing for yellows.