San Quintin, Mexico:
An Outing With Local Sportfishing Charter Capt Jaime Garcia

August 7, 2005, Gabriel Davila, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

We fished at San Quintin with captain Jaime Garcia, who provided us with an excellent fishing experience as always. Our fishing party was Gabriel Davila of Upland and Joe Ruiz of Long Beach.

On Friday, August 5th, we trolled in good weather out to 27 miles from the San Quintin point. There was no fishing action past 20 miles. As we trolled back to about the 15 mile mark we hit a kelp paddy. There we were busy for over an hour landing four yellowtail from 23-30 pounds and a 22 pound Dorado.

During the 15 minutes it took to land the Dorado we managed to farm three of it's companions, and as soon he was gaffed aboard they all seem to disappear.

We humbly continued to troll where there was wide open hook ups on 10-15 pound skip jack. Mixed in with one of the triple hook ups of skip jack was a 10 pound yellowfin tuna, but that was the only one. The skip jack seemed to prefer a purple and black jet head. The lone yellowfin tuna was landed on a wood color cedar plug.

On Saturday, August 6th, the wind picked up at San Quintin and the sea was really rough. We heard on the radio that one panga was sunk due to large swells, and everybody aboard was picked up right away, but that was not confirmed.

We trolled out around the 15 mile mark as did the entire San Quintin sportfishing fleet. The only fishing action was at a crowded kelp paddy. Even the skip jack took the day off.

At about 12 noon most San Quintin boats opted to go to the 240 spot to try their luck with bottom fish, we elected to go in and get an early start on the road home.

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