San Quintin, Mexico:
Yellowfin Tuna Caught Amid Commercial Fishing Boats Off San Quintin

Aug. 29, 2005, Randy Peters, San Quintin sportfishing, Baja California, Mexico:

I just got back from another action filled trip of fishing at San Quintin. I fished with my son Daniel, daughter Kellie, and friend Poun Keo. We fished out of San Quintin with Oscar Catian from K&M Sportfishing.

That day, K&M had 3 fishing boats in the water at San Quintin, the other two piloted by Kelly Catian and Capt. Ivan.

We decided to troll the 240 spot with live bait on our way out to the Yellowfin Tuna spots.

We were immediately into Yellowtail within 2 minutes of putting our bait in the water. Poun quickly picked up a 23 lb. Yellowtail, while I caught several large Bonito.

With 4 nice Yellowtail in the hold, we headed to fish the Yellowfin area. We stopped and fished a kelp paddy where we picked up 4 small firecrackers and Kellie managed to catch her first Yellowtail.

We continued to head to the Yellowfin tuna and were were greeted by no less than 8 commercial fishing boats from Ensenada and 3 helicopters. It was a frenzied scene to say the least. The yellowfin tuna were probably spooked, as we only managed to pick up 2 tuna between the 3 boats.

So, we voted to head back to the 240. Poun and I had a double hookup within 5 minutes. The action was fast and furious as we continued to pick up fish. By 2 p.m., we had 14 Yellows in the hold and headed home to San Quintin.

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