San Quintin, Mexico:
Pedro's Pangas Is Busy With 25 Boats Fishing During The Week

Sept. 11, 2005, Pete Hillis, Pedro's Pangas, San Quintin fishing, Baja California, Mexico:

Winds died down for a good fishing weekend at San Quintin, as 25 boats out fishing this week. The yellowtail fishing is excellent so we haven't been back out to look for the tuna since the winds died down.

Pete Byrne brought a group of 21 guys from the Long Beach area. Saturday's jackpot went to Rod Woodward with a 24 pound yellowtail. Also-ran for Richard Franwer and Scott Maher with 18 pound yellowtails. We still have great rockcod and lingcod fishing. The largest lingcod of the week was 18-1/2 pounds.

The San Quintin fishing area has had overcast in the mornings, high 70's and low 80's by 11 a.m. Calm seas, no winds.