San Quintin, Mexico:
Fishing Near Shore At San Ramon Yields 7 White Seabass

Sept. 25, 2005, Julie Atkinson, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico fishing:

The San Quintin fishing area had winds in the morning of 10 knots, northwest, and afternoon winds of 15 knots, and swells to 5 feet. Air temperatures in the high 70s with a low of 62. Water temperatures are 59 to 63 degrees. Inshore fishing water at San Quintin shows great improvement in clarity, and offshore water is clean at 4 miles

On Sept. 19th, Don Eddie of Don Eddie's Landing in San Quintin returned once more to the San Ramon fishing flats with his private boat "The City Slicker," with Jaime Garcia as his captain and guide. The spot they headed for is the same one we had reported last week where they had caught good size Yellowtails and located a school of White Sea Bass.

When Don Eddie and his captain arrived at the spot, "the San Ramon Kelp Beds," it was 8 a.m. They fished until noon and landed 7 good size white seabass weighing in up to 41 pounds, 39 pounds and 36.5 pounds. The remaining fish ranged from 29 to 32 pounds. They used chrome irons and live bait for their catches. They decided to call their friends in the sport fishing business by radio so they could benefit from their find. As they returned from the San Ramon area, they stopped northeast of the San Martin Island to fish for a couple of hours and landed 80 Sand Bass and Calicos.

Calling their friends by radio might have been a big mistake, because commercial boats with their huge nets were combing the area the very next day. Next week we will try scouting fishing at the Socorro flats and beyond.