San Quintin, Mexico:
Pedro's Pangas Scores On Eight White Seabass At El Socorro

Oct. 23, 2005, Pete Hillis, Pedro's Pangas, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico sportfishing:

This week we had 15 boats fishing out of San Quintin under beautiful conditions and no wind. It has been a little chilly in the mornings due to a little overcast and fog in the morning which was burning off by about 10 a.m. Afternoons and evenings have been great.

On Wednesday, Captain Hector was guiding on a private boat with anglers including Danny Park. He decided to head south of San Quintin to Socorro for the first time in about a month. Glad he did! They got into some of the best white seabass.

Fishing that first day, they got 8 white sea bass, the largest at 45 pounds.

On Thursday, Hector took me and the rest of our captains to the same spot. We wound up with 11 white sea bass and a bucket full of calicos and sandies. There was a lot of barracuda in the water so we had a little problem getting the jigs past them. The white seabass were going for pure white jigs.

On Friday, just about every panga in San Quintin was fishing at Socorro. With that many boats in the area, they may have spooked the white seabass.

With us this week were Tony Parker, Jim Gilbert, Steve Boland, and Mike Diano. They fished on the Rommy with Capt. Hector, and only landed one white sea bass and one large yellowtail, but had limits of calico bass, sand bass and rock cod. What a difference a day makes!

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