San Quintin, Mexico:
Twelve Yellowtail Caught In Fishing At The 15 Fathom Spot

Oct. 18, 2005, Chris Salazar, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

I went fishing on Oct. 16 & 17th at San Quintin on Jamie Garcias Pangas.

The first fishing day found us with large northerly swells at 6-8 foot, but with no wind.

We made the bait near the mouth of the bay and made mostly Pacific mackerel with a few Spanish and Sardines.

We went to the 15 fathom spot. There were birds working and yellowtail puddling in spots. All fish were caught yo-yoing. We caught 12 yellows, 15-25 lbs., and the seals got a few. The captain of the Fany 2 was Gordo. He was an excellent captain. He even showed us a better road out due to the heavy rain we received at night.

The second fishing day with same captain and boat came late due to rain. We went to breakfast with Capt. Gordo and the storm broke and we went for it. We left late and the conditions were the same as the day before. But the yellows had moved, so we fished for lingcod with live macks. We caught 12, all large. This was a very great San Quintin fishing trip. San Quintin roads on the way out were very wet and muddy. I fished with 3 others, Dan LaBorie, Brian Loomis, and Bailey Pattengil.