San Quintin, Mexico:
Can't Match Capt. Lilo's White Seabass Fish Counts

Oct. 24, 2005, Julio Meza, San Quintin fishing, Baja California, Mexico:

On Sunday, Oct. 23, Barry Brightenburg, his girlfriend Valerie, my girlfriend Alma, and I launched out of the San Quintin ramp around 5:30 a.m., heading south to fish at Arroyo Hondo where Capt. Lilo had been catching white seabass for the last few days. He caught, during 3 days on a roll, 8, 13 and 2 white seabass the last day.

He told me many of the fish weighed more than 30 pounds as other anglers mentioned.

We tried fishing for 2 hours around Lilo but with no luck,

Lilo again landed the only 2 white seabass of the day, among 5 more San Quintin boats fishing his same spot.

We caught lots of calico bass, giant barracudas, bonitas, sculpin, sandbass, and reds but no white seabass.

We decided to go to San Geronimo and Sacramento reef where we caught and released about 80 calicos up to 7 pounds, lots of big whitefish, some lings, one over 10 pounds, sheephead and 2 yellowtails, on surface jigs, 20 and 26 pounds.

We fished all day just with Fish Trap swim baits for the calicos and 2 shots with surface iron on boiling Yellowtail.

It was a great San Quintin fishing trip, with lots of fish, good weather, 61 to 62 degree clear water, and 80 degree air temperature, overcast.

The bad thing is we saw 3 commercial big boats fishing inshore along the south coast of San Quintin. The 3 boats were all different. Barry told me one was fishing for white seabass with a long, long outrigger they use to bring the fish out of the kelp. The other 2 were using nets.

I am going with 24 anglers from the state to Puerto Vallarta for the first Sportfishing National Congress, Nov. 15-18. I have round trips for $425 dollars including air tickets, hotel and transportation. If somebody wants to go, please let me know:

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