San Quintin, Mexico:
Good Local Fishing Action For Charter Bus Group

Oct. 8, 2005, Steve Barstow, The Sportsmen Pub, San Quintin, Baja sportfishing, Mexico:

On Oct. 8th, our group of 18 anglers bussed to Bahia de los Angeles for a fishing trip.

We got there around 6 p.m. to a beautiful warm balmy evening. We rigged our gear and were all ready for three days of fishing with Sammy Diaz' pangas. We hit the sack with dreams of the "Big One" dancing in our heads.

The next thing that danced through my head was the vision of a freight train passing within a few feet of my room. We woke up to a nasty Westie that continued to blow the rest of the night and next morning.

We discussed this with Sammy and he was doubtful we would be able to get out fishing at all for the next several days.

Our group then decided to pack up and head back to San Quintin.

We arrived in San Quintin on Sunday evening, got situated at The Old Mill and got the pangas arranged for Monday and Tuesday fishing.

We had five San Quintin fishing boats on the water. In addition to approximately 25 yellowtail, we caught limits or near limits of red rock fish, lingcod, whitefish, calicos and sandies.

San Quintin weather was a little cool and overcast in the a.m., but by about 9:30-10 it had burned off and we were in shirt sleeve weather.

We fished with medium weight tackle in water approximately 58-60 degrees. Most of the action was in the vicinity of the 240 spot.

For a trip that could have turned into a disaster, we ended up with really great fishing! I am working on my schedule for 2006, and am considering expanding my operation using a charter airline to take us to both Isla Cedros and Bahia San Francisquito.

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