San Quintin, Mexico:
Good Local Surfing Conditions On Saturday Morning

Jan. 2, 2006, Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing,, San Quintin fishing, Baja California, Mexico:

Surfing at San Quintin at end of 2005 could not have been better, with the tides, wind and swell coming to some sort of divine agreement on Saturday morning, treating the kids and I to Northern Baja perfection at our favorite spot. God is good.

The waves were so good there was no way we could leave so we camped out and awoke to the new year with the sound of set waves peeling across the reef.

After it all soaked in, the waves, the tamales, the pozole, the shining faces of happy teenagers and just being here in Mexico with my family, I thought back to my youth in Southern California when I used to wonder what I'd be doing when I was a "grown-up" and now I know...I would be a kid again! Thank you Mexico, my playground.