San Quintin, Mexico:
Local Fishing Water Temperatures Warm Up To The Low-60s

Jan. 12, 2006, Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing,, San Quintin, Baja sportfishing, Mexico:

San Quintin weather has been great this week and the water has even warmed up a little from the high 50s to the lower 60s.

There's going to be some water moving this weekend so it might be one of the last chances to get white seabass down south. Fishing should be good all through this tide swing.

Fishing west of the point has been slow with few anglers even targeting yellowtail but opting for bottom fish.

I plan on looking around this weekend to see what's going on with the yellowtail. I'm sure they're around. They like to hang around the inside edges of the 15 fathom spot in the winter usually showing on top once or twice during the day. The 6 fathom is a good San Quintin winter fishing spot if you fish it right.