San Quintin, Mexico:
Copper Rockfish, Mixed Bottom Fish, And Surfing Out Of The Bay

Jan. 19, 2006, Kelly Catian, K&H Offshore Sportfishing,, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico fishing:

On Tuesday I took Jeff Nichols and friend Manuel out of San Quintin on the Parker for some bottom fishing action and scored some nice rockfish and great weather.

We got bait down towards the end of the bay near Punta Faro and headed out towards the "oeste" spot for some reds.

We then fished some shallower spots for good sized copper rockfish and some medium lingcod. There were some really big whitefish, as well as some bigger reds in the shallower water, meaning less than 200 feet.

The dropper-loop was getting lings on live bait but the iron was working for the bigger reds.

Oscar was also out fishing on Tuesday with a couple of guys from Campo Lorenzo at San Quintin, and got into some big lingcod at the 240 spot as well as some bonita on the slow troll.

Neither of us found any yellowtail.

We surfed Lupe's on Wednesday and although the tide was still a little low in the morning, making the reef section suck out and go dry, we got some good waves until the wind came up at 11 a.m.

San Quintin water temperature was 58-59 degrees and warmer around the 6 fathom and 240 spot. The wind is at 8-10 knots northwest, and the sun is out but it's cool to cold in the shade.

Jan. 19, 2006, San Quintin, Mexico Fishing and Surfing Report:

All I've seen is rockfish and lings, a few bass, etc. San Quintin water looks real good though. Oscar was out for a while in the morning yesterday with a charter but got blown out.

For surfing at San Quintin, Saturday was supposed to be bigger but it was still fun with a few barrels and lots of head high walls. We were at Lupe's on Friday and it was firing but we feared the wind would kill it on Saturday, which it did, so we headed a little south and found another spot. The surfing lasted about an hour or two and then just shut down.

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