San Quintin, Mexico:
New Boat Launch Ramp And Pier Readied

June 25, 2006, Pete Hillis, Pedro's Pangas, , San Quintin, Baja fishing, Mexico:

The improved boat launch ramp and pier will make launching a breeze in San Quintin. With all of the new things going on in San Quintin, everyone is anxiously awaiting the annual San Quintin Fishing Tournament. This year's event will be held on Saturday, July 22, 2006.

With the improvements made on the pier and ramp behind the Old Mill Hotel, private boats as well as local pangueros should experience a much smoother launch into the bay. The Old Mill Restaurant is also undergoing renovations but is still open for business during this phase of the work.

In this week's fishing at San Quintin, 2 boats were sent out on different days to the tuna grounds, 18 to 20 miles off the point. Captain Hector, captain of the Rommy, said that the water was blue and clear, making for good conditions for tuna. Unfortunately, none have been landed during these trips out. There are several large paddies in the tuna area which yielded several large yellowtail on live bait and blue and white jigs.

For boats fishing at Isla San Martin, which is closer to land, yellowtail were also being found in good quantities again with live bait and jigs. At the island though, the yellowtail are deeper, down in 125 to 140 feet of water.

Richard Blazick of Green Valley, Arizona, and Ron Lewis of Des Moines, Iowa, fished with Captain Hector 2 days on the Rommy. On the first day, they got limits of nice reds, large johnny bass, one ling cod, and one sheep's head. On the second day, they fished the paddies at the tuna grounds and got limits of yellowtail, averaging 15 pounds.

June for some reason was a slow month for us. However for the summer months, July, August and September, bookings are going fast. We expect a great summer as usual. Pete Hillis, Pedro's Pangas, San Quintin, Baja, Mexico.

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