San Quintin, Mexico:
Fishing For Yellowtail At Isla San Martin With Pedro's Pangas

June 30, 2006, Pedro's Pangas, Paul Lopez, San Quintin sportfishing, Baja California, Mexico:

Paul, Rudy and Juan Pablo Lopez along with Breen, Fred and Robert had a good fishing trip to San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico, from June 23-27, 2006.

We stayed at the Old Mill Hotel and fished with Pedro's Pangas. We had 2 pangas, the Gorron both days, and the Paloma the first day and the Coyote the second day. We fished Sunday 6/25 and Monday 6/26.

The first day the captain of the Paloma would not leave the bay. They ended up just fishing in the bay and caught some small fish. That's why my friends Fred and Breen switched to the Coyote the second day.

We fished on the Gorron both days and had excellent service from Captain Chava.

The fishing was good. However it was excellent just the day before and the previous days before we were told. There had been a lot more yellowtail in the area.

We trolled Rapalas, blue and white being the hottest color and threw jigs. Mostly blue and white. Juan Pablo got his yellowtail on a green and white iron jig. There was a lot of small squid in the area. We would snag them sometimes while reeling in our lures. They made good bait for the rock fish.

We ended up with 5 yellowtail in the 12-20 pound range, lots of big bonito and lots of rock fish for the Gorron for 2 days fishing.

My friends on the Coyote caught 3 yellowtail, lots of big bonito and lots of rock fish for 1 day fishing.

The highlight of the trip was watching my 7 year old Juan Pablo hook and land his own fish. I held the rod a few times so he could shake out his arms and hands but he did 99 percent of the work. He is turning into the A-1 angler his dad once was hahaha.

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