San Quintin, Mexico:
Tuna And Dorado Caught By Boats Fishing 16 Miles Out

July 29, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

The tuna and dorado are here at San Quintin and they are close-by. John Porter and his group of friends caught five good-sized yellowfin tuna, one 26-pound dorado, and 25 yellowtails on their private boat.

The tuna were caught with live bait and the dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) was caught with a blue and white Rapala. The yellowtails were caught on chrome iron.

The fishing spot was 16 miles west of the point of San Quintin. The fishing water was clear and 72 degrees, with 4 foot swells and winds from the north west at 8 knots per hour.

Today there was another group that brought in 10 yellowfin tuna same spot, approximately 15 pounds per fish.

San Quintin skies were overcast all day with heavy mist at intervals, making it a very comfortable day for the anglers.

Other fishing trips at San Quintin have been plentifully and highly productive, catching limits of yellowtail, Bonita, and barracuda.

Bottom fish have been so plentiful that some pangas are coming in with over 100 fish which include; rockcod, lingcod, and whitefish.

Don't forget our Labor Day tournament at Don Eddie's Landing which will be a one-day event. Please make your reservations with plenty of time for boats and rooms.