San Quintin, Mexico:
Good San Quintin Fishing For Yellowtail, Bonito, And Dorado With Jamie Garcia

Aug. 2, 2006, Gabriel Davila, San Quintin fishing, Baja California, Mexico:

Our Baja fishing party included me, Gabriel Davila, Albert Davila, both of Upland, and Juan Eggli and his two sons, Jacob and Jonah, all from Alhambra.

Fishing on Sunday, July 30th, we easily made bait and headed for the San Quintin 240 spot with sportfishing Captain Jaime Garcia.

We slow trolled live bait and immediately hooked up to some large Bonitos that got us warmed up with some good fights.

Pretty soon we were hooking up with large Yellowtails. The fishing was pretty much wide open for the rest of the day as we rarely went no longer than 5 minutes without at least one of us on a fish.

That first fishing day was very humbling, as we only managed to land about 30 percent of our hookups. While fishing the San Quintin 240 spot, what the locals call "La Roca," the yellowtail definitely have the advantage. Once hooked they immediately dive straight down and run your line through the rocks.

The yellowtail broke lines from 20 to 50 pounds. It was very common for the line to bust and to have to cut off about 20 feet of frayed line before retying your line. Nevertheless, we all had a blast and landed enough yellowtail to wear us out and call Saturday a very successfully fishing day. The top fishes were 35 pounders each from Albert Davila and Jonah Eggli, topped by a 40 pounder from Jacob Eggli. The high school athletes all got their endurance tested by minimum 15 minute fights.

On Monday July 31st, we headed back to the 240 spot and immediately began landing Yellowtail. There also seemed to be more Bonito around than the day before, but there were also dorado in the area as we landed a small one and we saw another boat battle some larger ones. So with plenty of Yellowtail from that morning and the previous day we decided to try going out fishing for tuna.

We found no luck with tuna but did come across a large kelp paddy about 14 miles out and caught more large yellowtail and a 20 pound Dorado landed by Jacob Eggli. After the paddy we went and caught some large Red Rockcods averaging about 7 pounds each and also chased a large shark that went for one of our baits but bit through our line.

We had a great time once again at San Quintin as Captain Jaime put us on the fish like always. The weather was above average with choppy seas and slow wind.

Total fish count for the two days, was 22 yellowtail, 2 dorado, limits of Bonito (most released) and about 20 red rock cod.

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