San Quintin, Mexico:
Good Sportfishing Action Out At The 15 And 240 Spots

Aug. 7, 2006, Randy Peters, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico, Fishing with Oscar Catian on the Offshore IV:

This is a trip report for fishing at San Quintin on Aug. 5-6. 2006. I, Randy Peters, Tom Hitchcock and Jim Hitchcock and their dad Chuck, fished with Capt. Oscar Catian on the Offshore IV.

On Saturday, we easily made bait and headed for the San Quintin 240 fishing spot. We picked up a couple of Yellowtail while slow trolling Mackerel. I picked up a few Bonito with surface iron.

We then headed to the San Quintin 15 spot and caught several nice yellowtail including a 27 pounder. We bottom fished for some nice lingcods on the way back in. Our total catch for the day: 14 Yellowtail, about 10 Bonito, and 4 Lings.

Sunday's weather was a little choppier but the bite was wide open at the San Quintin 240 spot, with heavy traffic of boats.

Most fish were caught by fly lining large mackerel. Several were caught on the scrambled egg surface iron, however.

I lost two large Yellowtails on the rock with 40 pound test. One spooled me within about 10 yards of line left before breaking off.

Tom picked up a nice bull Dorado at the 240 also. I farmed mine next to the boat. The Bonito also hit the jigs pretty steadily. Note that the larger mackerel keep the Bonito away. The recommendation is to use larger Mackerel and flyline them. I also recommend 50 pound test when fishing at the 240 spot.