San Quintin, Mexico:
San Quintin Had Full House Fishing This Week

Aug. 20, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin sportfishing:

Despite the weather having a drastic change with air temperatures dropping to the high 70s and winds blowing from west to east for long periods of time during the day, anglers keep coming to San Quintin in great numbers.

The hotels on the bay were full to capacity the whole week. Also, the hotels in San Quintin and Colonia Cardenas were also full to capacity.

Anglers this week tripled the amount of the last week's and the number of private boats also increased considerably.

The catches of yellowtail have continued to be very good. The Dorados caught this week have been 15 in count.

Catches on White Seabass have diminished considerably, down to 10 or 12 during the week.

For those fishing for the bottom fish they've had limits on their catches.

Fishing tackle used was as follows. Yellowtail have been biting on live bait, Krocodiles, and blue and white irons. The Dorados have been striking live bait, and some were caught on white and blue feathers, also in red and white. White seabass have been caught with live bait and silver like Krocodiles and a few were caught with irons, blue and white, and brown and yellow.

Although the water temperature has dropped to 68 degrees and 69 degrees in some spots it'll go up to 71 degrees and it is very clean.