San Quintin, Mexico:
White Seabass Caught By Boats Fishing At El Socorro And El Tranquilo

Aug. 24, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

On a first ever sportfishing outing for Miguel Mendisaval and his family from Riverside California, Michelle Mendisaval caught her very first 30 pound white seabass at San Quintin, Mexico, with a blue and white iron.

Also in the family group, Joshua and Samuel went fishing out of Don Eddie's Landing on a 26 foot panga Fanny IV with Capt. Bertoldo "Bear" Garcia and headed from the point due south to the La Pinta fishing area. There is where Michelle caught her nice White Sea bass.

The family also caught a medium sized yellowtail and a couple of good looking viejas, or sheephead, weighing about 7 pound.

They also caught numerous barracudas and bonitas which they released.

The White Sea bass are appearing once again in the San Quintin sportfishing area and in good numbers, making their presence at Socorro and El Tranquilo near the Rio Hondo and striking live bait, Krocodiles, and a variety of colors of irons.

One 35 pound white seabass was caught on a red and white feather with a medium sized sardine attached to it.

The latest white sea bass caught in the area was a 56 pounder caught by Ernesto Aguallo on a chrome Krocodile with red stripes.

San Quintin weather in the valley has improved greatly, climbing to the mid 80s and the water temperature once again hitting the 70s. Winds at San Quintin have subsided and the swells remain at the 3 and 4 feet. Fishing waters are clean and clear off shore.

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