San Quintin, Mexico:
White Seabass Keep Croaking For Don Eddie's Landing Charter Fishing Boats

Sept. 24, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

At Don Eddie's Landing we had two significant sportfishing catches this past week.

Roberto Juarez and Glen Miyake from Santa Monica, Calif., went fishing on the Skipjack Panchita with Capt. Francisco Berrelleza, and caught a 35 pound White Sea Bass and a 25 pound White Sea Bass.

Also, Josh and Keith Liberty from San Diego caught the following fish: a 37.5 pound, a 46 pound, a 42 pound, a 43 pound, and a 64 pound White Sea Bass.

All the above fish were caught in El Socorro, Rio Hondo, and La Pinta Areas south of San Quintin Bay.

They used live bait, blue and white irons, and also a chrome and blue iron with good results.

One 43 pound white sea bass was caught with a spear. I had an opportunity to talk to this fisherman and I asked him if he saw big schools of whites and he told me that he saw plenty of whites but in twos and threes and some singles.

In other sportfishing outings out of Don Eddie's some good size yellowtail were caught up to 27 pounds, and for those who went bottom fishing they had limits of red rockcods, and plentiful lingcod.

All in all, San Quintin anglers had a good time and were very happy with their catches.

The weather in San Quintin has been excellent in the high 70s and the low 80s, winds a.m. at 3 knots and p.m. at 5 knots; water temperatures 65 to 66 degrees; clean water and scattered swells 2 to 3 feet. This weather report is from the El Socorro fishing area.

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