San Quintin, Mexico:
Good Mixed Species Fishing Trip With Garcia's Pangas

Oct. 14, 2006, Chris Salazar, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

I fished in San Quintin on Oct.7 and Oct. 8th. My fishing partners were John Doria, Brian and Mark Loomis, and Bailey Pattengil.

We fished with Garcia's Pangas and on the 7th fished with our friend Capt. Gordo and the 8th with his brother Capt. Eddie who are the owner's, Bear's, sons.

The charter boat was a super panga 29 feet long.

Both fishing days were similar. We left San Quintin and made mackerel baits close to the mouth of the bay. The mackerel were easy and quick to catch.

We headed both days to target white seabass on the kelp beds south of the mouth of San Quintin Bay, at about 6 miles south and close to beach.

There we fished with large Krocodiles and bait. We caught Bonita, Barracuda, Sandbass and Kelp Bass, a few Sculpin, and a Yellow tail about 25 pounds.

The Barracuda were big logs and we could catch as many as we wanted and it was hard to get through to the bottom were the targeted fish, the white seabass, are found.

The Barracuda were so aggressive that they bit off two of our #7 Krocodiles at the boat and I mean right on the surface next to the boat.

The half-dozen Bonita were in the 10 pound class and were fun to catch. We could have caught more had we been casting surface jigs.

The bass were large. The second half of the day we went westerly to 200 feet of water and caught Red rockfish, Chuckleheads, Whitefish and Lingcod.

I haven't seen Red rockfish in the numbers and sizes we caught in years. I worked on sport boats in San Diego, Charger and Pegasus, and we fished the Sixty Mile Bank in the winter and even then back in the 70's it was rare to see the reds like we caught in San Quintin.

The Lingcod were big. We caught around 40 or so each of the two days we fished.

Although we didn't get a whiff of a white seabass, no other boats caught one either. We had a great fishing trip. I feel that the full moon present didn't help.

I can't say enough good things about Garcia's Pangas. They are very good and nice and courteous. Gordo's mom made us some ceviche on Saturday that was to die for. They also just got in a new boat, a super panga that Bear was putting together. Don't hesitate to fish with Garcia's.

The fishing water temperature at San Quintin was low, 58 degrees, and in some spots up to 62 degrees. San Quintin weather was calm, with very low seas in the morning with the usual winds in the afternoon.

We stayed at Don Eddie's Landing. It's the Old Mill Motel at San Quintin, were I have never had a problem, where I will stay from now on.

That said, the overall experience was fantastic and I love the fishing in San Quintin.

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