San Quintin, Mexico:
Capt. Jaime Garcia Finds White Seabass Fishing 4 Miles South Of The Point

Nov. 4, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

Just when some thought that the white seabass were gone, surprise! A very good catch of white seabass was made by Jack, Jake and Mary Ruiz, and Tom Lewandowski from San Diego who went fishing out of Don Eddie's Landing on the 26-foot Skipjack, City Slicker.

They headed south out of San Quintin, only 4 miles off the point with Capt. Jaime Garcia who made a stop to clear the propellers from sea weed. And one of the anglers dropped the line into the water with a #7 chrome Krocodile and in less than 1 minute had a 30-pound white seabass.

So they stuck to this fishing area and the Krocodiles for the whole trip catching a grand total of 10 White Seabass ranging from 22 to 30 pounds, plus an abundant amount of bonita and huge barracudas.

Other San Quintin sportfishing captains out of Don Eddie's Landing were called to the area by Jaime Garcia.

Pancho Berrelleza on the Skipjack, Panchita, called in notifying us that he too had some white seabass aboard. Alfredo Peralta on another Skipjack of Don Eddie's also called in, letting us know that he had good catches of the White Seabass.

We have information that other captains from the San Quintin fishing area have also been calling in with White Seabass catches.

The water in the area where the white seabass were caught was very clear and the temperature ranged from 60 to 61 degrees. The waters were calm and there was no wind until 11 a.m. San Quintin Air Temperatures have been ranging from 74 to 81 degrees.

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