San Quintin, Mexico:
Good Bottom Fishing And A Few White Seabass Still Around

Nov. 18, 2006, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

White Seabass are still lingering in the El Socorro area south of Bahia San Quintin.

Most San Quintin anglers this weekend went fishing to the 240, 180, and 6 areas and some to San Martin Island, with very good catches of Red Rockcods, Lingcods, and other bottom fish like sheepheads and whitefish.

We had one angler, Hector Lemus, who wanted to go out and try catching a White Seabass, even though they are getting scarce. Our captain Pancho Berreyesa hopped into one of our skipjacks the Monalisa‚ and headed to the El Rio Hondo area.

For the better part of the fishing day they caught huge Barracudas and then went bottom fishing for some Sandbass with very good results, and just before coming back to base at San Quintin they hooked a beautiful white seabass. We didn't have a chance to weigh it but its looked like a 25 or 27 pounder.

The weather in San Quintin has been excellent for fishing, with an exception of morning fogs. The temperatures have been in the bottom 80s and winds have been very mild from the northwest. San Quintin fishing water temperatures have dropped to 59 and 61 degrees, and the waters have been very calm.

Don Eddie's Landing has had very good results on our winter special, 2 nights stay, 1 day of fishing on a cruiser, for only $105 per person, quadruple occupancy in the rooms.