San Quintin, Mexico:
Bonito, Rockfish, Whale Watching, And Black Brant

Jan. 3, 2007, Jim Derr, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

On New Year's Day, Shva Ziv of Orange and I fished out of San Quintin with a panga charted from Tiburon's fleet. The boat's guide was named Lupe and he was kind enough to take us out on New Year's Day.

We slow trolled Rapalas and cedar plugs for easy limits of bonita that were from 7 to 15 pounds on our way to Ben's Rock.

At Ben's Rock the water was surging too high to fish so we fished the west side of San Martin Island off the Baja coast for easy limits of 6 to 10 pound red vermillion rockfish and salmon grouper, while fishing with iron in about 300 feet of water.

In San Quintin, we were in the only boat that went out that day. The day before another fishing boat went out and did the same.

Another small private fishing boat tried to go out of San Quintin and got scared and turned around because of typical conditions of 3 foot swells which are almost always present in San Quintin.

The water temperature at San Quintin was around 56 degrees. We did see a pod of whales as well, heading toward Guerrero Negro. I am told the whales have not arrived there in large numbers yet.

Also, the guide in San Quintin told me that brants, a type of goose, have arrived there and hunting season is open from Friday to Sunday for easy limits of 5 birds.

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