San Quintin, Mexico:
Bottom Fishing Productive In Good Winter Sea Conditions

Jan. 28, 2007, Pedro's Pangas, Pete Hillis, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

This fish report is for Pedro's Pangas boats at San Quintin, Mexico, for the week ending today.

Mark Mayo, Tom Stevenson, and Mike Stevenson from Long Beach and San Fernando Valley, California, came to San Quintin in hopes of catching some Rock Cod.

Well, Rock Cod is exactly what they got!

They fished two days with Miguel on the charter boat Pelicano at the 240 fishing spot.

They not only loaded up with Rock Cod but also Ling Cod and six giant Humboldt Squid.

Also out fishing with Pedro's Pangas this week were Jim Nolan and Bill McLaughlin.

Jim and Bill brought down their families from Buena Park, California.

They fished on the charter boats Romy and Skipjack with Capt. Hector and Capt. Gato as their guides.

Fishing down south of San Quintin towards Socorro, these two families brought in limits of Sandbass and White Fish.

Also, Dawn Nolan brought in a good size yellowtail that weighed in at 22 pounds.

San Quintin weather has been calm, with no wind at all.

The mornings and evenings have been very cold, but once the sun is out it warms up and turns into a beautiful day.

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