Santa Rosalia Fishing Map, Baja California Sur, Mexico


This fishing map for Santa Rosalia, Sea of Cortez coast, Baja California Sur, Mexico, shows some important fishing grounds of pangas and boats working out of the Santa Rosalia fishing area and other nearby Baja fishing locations.

Principle sportfishing areas shown on this map include: the town of Santa Rosalia, the beaches leading south to San Lucas Cove, Craig Channel, and Isla San Marcos.

Current and archived weekly fishing reports for Santa Rosalia and other important Baja and mainland Mexico fishing vacation destinations, including fish species caught during each season, fish counts, sportfishing operations, weather conditions, sea water temperatures, and other sportfishing information may be found online each week in Mexico Fishing News.

This Santa Rosalia fishing map is reprinted with permission from the Baja California fishing guidebook, The Baja Catch: A Fishing, Travel & Remote Camping Manual for Baja California, Third Edition, by Neil Kelly and Gene Kira.

This is one of 60 detailed fishing maps in The Baja Catch showing small boat fishing and launching locations on the Pacific and Sea of Cortez coasts of Baja California, Mexico. Reproduction of this Santa Rosalia map is prohibited without prior permission.

Santa Rosalia Fishing Map

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