Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
A New Fishing Sportboat For Isla San Marcos As Offshore Dorado Go Scattered

June 12, 2004, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing:

Okay weather first, loving it! Cooled down a bit, kind of a dry, high pressure feel. I don't mind hot, but I can’t take hot and humidity on top of it. Mornings are cooler than normal 65-68 degrees with 80-85 degree days. Dry air with little to no humidity.

Water temps are cooler too 73-75 degrees around Isla San Marcos, with 20 feet visibility and high 70s to 80-degree water offshore with 60-foot plus visibility.

Last week I said I was getting a new boat. Well, my good friend Rich Marsell and his son-in-law Steve Cernansky delivered it. Just like my old 19-foot Outrage Boston Whaler. This one's the EVIL TWIN 19-foot Guardian Boston Whaler. It's a little more military, with the black pipe and light gray interior. Like I said EVIL.

Well, I fished it with him for his last time before he signed the papers over. With Rich it's always plastic and that means cabrilla. We fished Tortuga two days and did well for the time of the year, catching and releasing 70 Leopard Grouper, 3 Yellow snapper, and 2 Barred Pargo, all on Modern Methods Mondo baits.

On the second day we ran over some paddies on the way back from Tortuga and caught a few 15-pound Dorado with surface iron.

On the last day of Rich's stay on the Island we traditionally make a short San Marcos run and did so by going over to San Lucas Cove to catch bait and then off to the north end of the island. Wow! Great bite on nice yellowtail! We took 6 and lost 1 fish of 24-30 pounds, all on egg sinker rigged mackerel in only two hours of fishing, pretty damn good, right?

Yeah, the Yellowtail just won't go away. All who fish the north end of San Marcos average 5-8 fish a boat for what few boats are here. I think maybe 3 this week!

Now the Dorado fishing. Ah, where are they? Everyone’s looking, but they are hard to find. I got lucky one day, and today got lucky again, but still no numbers and size. Small. Nothing over 15 pounds.

Lots of boats from Punta Chivato are running mega miles out, and many times not hitting them. I found my fish in 78-80 degree water only 2-3 miles south of the northeast side of Isla San Marcos. Some people just don't get it. They think they need to run way out and the farther out the better. Not true! I do my best dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) fishing relatively close to the Island. You know how good it is in the channel between San Lucas and San Marcos. Don't need go any farther most of the time.

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