Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Thirteen Straight Days Of Fishing At Isla San Marcos

June 19, 2004, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I'm not fishing, that's right not fishing. Man, I had to take a break. Just got finished with a 13-day straight run and got another 8-day run coming up!

The weather's been nice, not like summer at all. Still cool mornings of 66-68 degrees, and days in the mid-80s. No wind in the early hours. Light breezes during the afternoons.

Water temps are 77 degrees around Isla San Marcos and inshore with visibiity of 15-25 feet. Offshore water temps are 78-81 degrees, with 60-80 feet of visibility.

Fishing: We had some variation this week. Last Sat and Sun, a friend who lives at Pt. Chivato, Tom Rosen, had his son Steve Rosen along with 5 buddies (all farmers from Woodland, Calif.) fly two planes down for a little fishing. They only had one boat and needed a second, which I helped out with.

The twist was these guys, all of them, where fly fishermen. Never had fly rods on my boat in the whole 12-plus years fishing here!

They wanted to fish yellowtail with meat rods first, before going after dorado with the fly.

We rolled up on the reef, and yes big yellowtail where there and biting! We took 7 nice fish from 22-32 pounds on slider sinker rigged live mackerel.

After that, we headed out and found the dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) only 4-5 miles off San Marcos Island! The whole time I could hear people 20-30 miles out on the radio asking where the hell the fish where.

We managed to catch 15-20 dorado on the fly per day. Nothing real big, 10-15 pounds is all, but it was fun watching those fish being caught on the fly.

These guys asked about catching winter Yellowtail on the fly! After watching how long it took them to land those 15-pound dorado, I said yah, you'll hook ‘em, but as far as landing one, we’ll hope you're not doing anything for about 2 or 3 hours!

After the fly guys, I took Alan Lewis out one last time before he leaves for Newport Beach. He won't return till late Sep. or early Oct., which means no camp host. Guess everyone gets to camp for free, ‘cause no one’s there to collect the money or keep people from running off without paying, like they do all the time at that trailer park.

Anyway, we caught--try and guess--yellowtail! Five of them, 22-25 pounds and a few dorado outside to boot.

Next run was with Michael Schute and John Brousseau of Carlsbad, and basically the same old yellowtail on the reef off Isla San Marcos and dorado offshore, the same size as all the other days. Sorry nothing to report inshore.

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