Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Local Fishing Was A Total Bust This Week

July 31, 2004, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing:

Got back from La Paz last night, my first trip down there ever! Can you believe it, been here almost 13 years and never went down past Mag Bay on the road. I have been to the East Cape and Cabo by plane.

Kind of nice along the waterfront. Stayed at the Club El Moro that was nice and peaceful a little south of all the hoop-la. Man that town is big. Got lost over a dozen times a day! Was down there to get my family Mex passports. Glad that's over with. When I see McDonalds I know I'm a fish out of water.

The weather was hot when I left, and it's hot when I got back, light breeze in the late afternoon and clear skies, air temps 80-95 degrees. Water looks about the same 82-85 degrees, with 25-60 foot vis.

I did fish today and wished I didn't. It was a total bust! Never got bumped on the reef other than triggerfish. Tried all my haunts including my last resort spot on the other side of the Island "Piedra Ranchero" and nothing.

I did see some Dorado around the north end and along the way to the east side of the Isla, but I wasn't after those so left them be.

I will fish Tortuga tomorrow. This time of the year really sucks, weather and fishing. I have about 1-1/2 months more to endure and then it starts to get going again.

Inshore fishing report: Other than mackerel, which are plentiful once more in front of San Lucas Cove entrance not much around there. Here on the Island, Corvina are present along a few areas. Three I like all have different makeup, the shore and the bottom where you're casting to, rocky shoreline on the point same on the bottom, 10 foot high cliffs (go for long casts!) bottom shallow flat rock with sand outside. This place is cool you can see the fish track the lure and also the followers when you hook one, the beach "Puerto Viejo." It's on the south point of the Island across from Lobos rock, bottom sand with a few scattered large rocks, place has some jacks, ladyfish and a host of others.

Another note, lots! of squid have been beaching themselves lately on the shore in front of my house, kids and people just gaff-em and the quicker ones grabbing them, most are used for bait and some are eaten.

Yah the squid beachings occur every year here, seems like water clarity and moon light play a part, full moon and stained/cloudy water, also here on the Island there's allot of artificial light too, like around my dock. I've also seen packs of them from the top of the road looking down at the very shallow water 1-3 feet chasing halfbeaks.

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