Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Hot Summer Weather And Water Temperatures And Some Good Fishing

Aug. 20, 2004, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico fishing report:

Fishing here has surprisingly improved in the last few days. Let me start with the weather, one note to make is that yes hot as usual, but it's the wind direction in the mornings that's strange, I mean as far as I can remember when the hot season is on the wind comes and starts from the east, southeast nearly every day, however this year it's kind of like the winter/spring wind from the west northwest, only difference is dry and hot, it's been quite consistent this whole summer, later in the day it dose change to the normal southern flow. Temps this week 80-90s with humidity around 50% wind light and some stronger late afternoon breezes.

Water temps stable 83-85 and 20-60 foot vis depending on current and location.

I'll cover the last weekend's Santa Rosalia fishing trip I took with Agustine Casnova and his son in-law Gerardo Lozano from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, also along for the ride Agustine's nephew Jesus Casanova. We started off the morning making bait over at the San Lucas cove area, which took a mere 20 minutes, with that done, quick run to the islands reef to check out the bottom fishing, after about an hour of drifting live bait on dropper loops we produced One 22# yellowtail, sawtail grouper and a mess of goldspotted bass, not bad, not great, but it's August right. With that out of the way we took a heading for Calleta de Santa Maria for a little Dorado action.

First a very important note for anyone coming here to fish during the summer months, take some time to catch live bait! to insure your best chance of productive fishing. Example a group of guys that kept their boats at the Marina (Santa Rosalia) contacted me for fishing reports and tips because the first couple of days didn't go so well trolling all day for 4 small fish, two boats and six guys! I told them to make bait right at the entrance of the Santa Rosalia marina, but you have to be there at maybe a 1/2 hour before sunrise, they told me, hey where down here on vacation, and like to get started a little later in the morning, they ended their vacation of 6 days with 6 dorado and a case of heat stroke from trolling all day.

Now back to the dorado fishing, still some good fish up there although kind of spotty, a lot of jumping from area to area to take 4 nice Bulls with a nice 30# fish for Gererdo on the last bait, released 3 females and one real small bull during the day.

The last few days I fished solo, to find a improvement on the reefs of Isla San Marcos, catching two yellows 23-26#, two Leopard grouper 10-12#, two Mex bonitas 4-5#, think I'll make an ark next, 6 gold-spotted bass 3-5#, and a Bull dorado 15# which I released, never moved the boat caught every thing at one spot.

The next day back out, but this time brought my wife's cousin, James, did about the same fishing, later in the morning noted some pangas on the deep reef so went to check it out, found out a few boats fishing squid slabs on the bottom had 4-5 yellowtail per boat with the top panga taking 12!

On another note, James sometimes fishes commercial squid, told me on one night while fishing out of Santa Rosalia bunch of Dorado came into the light, so he decided to catch about 12 fish, now on arrival back to port the Mexican navy was checking boats saw the fish and confiscated them telling the reason was dorado are not commercial fish leaving him two fish! That's a first.

The inshore fishing report, nothing new to talk about kind of waiting for the Sierra to start making a show, still some corvina along the island, no-ones at the camp, that's still about a month away before people show up there.

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