Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Offshore Dorado Fishing Was Slow Off The Baja Coast

Aug. 18, 2004, Bob Sutke, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico fishing report:

August 8-14, 8 guys and three boats went to Santa Rosalia for some Dorado fishing and it was not good. 6 Dorado for 8 guys and 6 days of fishing is not what we are use to.

August seems to be the bad month to fish SR. Hot days and warm water. And little jelly fish in the water. Did hook a Marlin at Tortuga but as we were fishing for dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) and that hook-up did not last long. We fished mostly Isla San Marcos and along the hay stack, north of town, along the area around San Bruno and heading out toward Tortuga. There just was very little going on. Last two years July was really good so August is out from now on.

We stayed at the El Moro hotel and trailered three boats. We kept them at the marina. The Americans that are there with their sailboats kinda keep a watch for us. The cost is $5 a night for docking. We launch at the ramp just outside (just south) of the marina. We had 8 guys 3 boats and fished 6 days. We did go to Tortuga for the first time. Not that bad of a trip out there. I was fishing for Dorado and a Marlin took my feather. That was a real rush for about 25 seconds. He came out of the water just like in the movies. But the fishing was just horrible. For the first time in 16 years we basically got skunked (6 fish total). All the guys are from San Diego and we do this every year. Last year (in July) we caught and released as many dorado as we wanted to fish for. 200 yds outside the Santa Rosalia marina and we would hook up. In fact the biggest one was 1/4 mile out of the marina (about a 30 pounder).