Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Part Time Seasonal Residents Returning To San Lucas Cove Fishing Camp

Sept. 17, 2004, Mike Kanzler, San Lucas Cove fishing, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Mexico:

Weather, like the fishing, not much change, still hot 80-90 degrees, with very humid air. Toward the end of this week, dark skies on the near horizon, signaling the approaching storm Javier. No rain as of yet, but if it continues on it's predicted course we should see some surely. Sea conditions most of the week were flat with light breezes in the afternoon. Santa Rosalia water temps up from last week 84-87 degrees and much cleaner too, 40-80 foot vis.

We've had our first part time residents return for the fall season. Bob and Helene Reed along with Wink and Trudy Gregg, simply known as Lagoon side, they have nice place a little south of the San Lucas trailer park. Good to have some people to talk to on the radio and fish along side with.

I myself took the beginning of the week off after the big trip to Isla Cedros and all.

Got right back out on Wednesday. The bait on this day was easy, unlike the week before, so with that done, headed for the reef to see what was up. On my first bait, "using the 4-ounce slider rig I talked about last week," I got picked up, and after a scrappy little battle, had this toad of a Yellow Snapper. These fish are usually 4-5 pounds average, this was pushing 10! Good start.

With a quick photo, continued to drift...nothing! Tried a few other spots...nothing. Frustrated, I took a long shot and ran to the backside of the isla to a spot known as Piedra Ranchero (ranch rock). It's a sea mount that sits in a line between the island and Pt. Chivato and is 200-240 feet deep. This is a great bottom fish spot for grouper, red snapper, and sometimes yellowtail during late Sept. to early Nov., and when all else fails, nothing to lose by trying.

Dropped some iron and baits on about ten or so drifts. Ended the day with 2 cabrilla, 1 small yellowtail, and 2 bonita. Not too good. Still a little premature for the ranch. Got dinner anyway.

Lagoon side tried two days of dorado fishing in the channel only to find very slow fishing, drawing a blank on one day and small released fish on the second. Still needs more time to produce better fishing around here. It is September.

That's this week. Next week should be interesting. COMSA has a Japanese company coming and guess who gets to cook or should I say cut raw fish. I've already obtained Tai, Suzuki, Ebi, Hotate, Aoyaqi and Awabi, but I'm missing the most important, Hamachi. Pressure's on. Hope, this storm clears by Sunday so I can fish Monday and Tuesday, and be able to catch one nice yellowtail. Looks like Tortuga one day, then San Marcos the other.

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