Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Fall Fishing Season Substandard At Isla San Marcos This Year

Nov. 6, 2007, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos fishing report, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I wish I was on the Pacific side right now. After checking the log on this October and the start of November, it's been a dismal fall season for weather and fishing around Santa Rosalia, not like it can be. It's a real bummer when you look forward to this time after spending two months of slow late summer fishing, then fall let's you down. Now I'm saying I can't wait until winter.

It happens. Some years are slow during this time, and others are good. Just got to keep at it. I feel bad for the people who make the special trip to our area yearly at this time. For the most part I couldn't even make the run out to fish the few bites I saw. Well, maybe next year.

Santa Rosalia was windy until Thursday.

This week's weather saw wind, one day with 50 knots! Unfishable most of the time. Only Thursday through Saturday had good conditions. Air temperatures were in the low-60s and to mid-70s. Santa Rosalia water temperatures, however, didn't drop very much, 75-77 degrees, with 30-40 feet of visibility.

I did fish the last two days, with high hopes.

With the moon phase in the last quarter and the water calm enough to make it out, I took my first run to see what's up. I was told bait is once again available on the San Lucas cove side, but still tried my side a little, only to draw a blank. With that, I ran over to try out in front of San Lucas Cove. It was there all right, nice mackerel in all sizes. Made for the bajos, starting at the 110 spot, and caught three snappers of the yellow type in a row. Then it just stopped dead. I tried everywhere three times over and never got bit. I even took a ride to the other side of the isla and fished the ranch rock. A ride is all it amounted to.

Doug Moranville at Punta Chivato said he wasn't able to make bait so didn't fish. Doug then said, how about coming down here to fish and could you bring some extra bait. Bring bait? Done.

Next morning, with the tank full of bait, I took a 15-plus mile ride from the cove bait grounds to Chivato. Did the transfer with Doug, who was already on the spot. As I started lining up the position, I noted the lack of marks on my depth sounder. This wasn't looking too promising, to say the least. I've fished these waters a few times over the years, and have done good, but it's very transitional. Fish pass through, never holding for long durations. If you hit it when they're there, chances are you'll catch a few. They weren't there. I did get lucky with one 18-pound yellowtail and two leopard grouper of 5-7 pounds, better than a stick in the eye, I guess.

During the same time, eight or so boats out of San Lucas Cove made the isla bajos run and got a few snapper, cabrilla, and other species, but not one yellowtail.

There's a new moon coming and with that fishing might improve greatly, keep your fingers crossed.

One highlight for me was fishing this morning with my son Michael on the Maria de Pillar pier, only one you can fish from. He was able to catch a whole mess of barracuda and small yellow snapper. Some corvina, sierra and other species feed well in early mornings hours. Large schools of sardina are present near the docks.

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