Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Great Sportfishing Weather Enjoyed By Boats At At Isla San Marcos

March 4, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos fishing, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

It was a better fishing week overall at Santa Rosalia and I had a special trip.

Santa Rosalia weather has the longest streak of flat fishable water I can remember for this time of year! We've had well over 3 weeks with no wind at all, and some overcast days and cool temperatures, but just so nice. Air temperatures at Santa Rosalia have been in the mid 50s to highs in the mid 70s. Santa Rosalia fishing water temperatures are still stable at 64-65 degrees, and the visibility is a little on the low side, maybe 20 feet at best.

I fished most of the week. On Sunday with two boats fishing, we caught 5 yellowtail on mine, and 2 on Danny's, as we had some of the foremen and managers of the mining company here out on a weekend fun fishing run.

On Monday, we had the return of Mike Blackmon from Napa, Calif., and his friend John Betic of San Rafael, Calif., who had confirmed by cell phone the day before. However, the fishing was slow and we got only one yellowtail and lost 3.

Tuesday this was the fun run, because we had young people, a 24 year old girl and 26 year old guy. It's so rare for me to take younger people fishing at this Santa Rosalia area and it's a breath of fresh air. We talked about so many things, with me acting and still feeling that age, LOL.

Knowing that the fishing was most likely going to be slow, we got only 6 pieces of bait, and I told them. It was Brie Cresosimo of Hartford, Conn., and her boyfriend Ben Drude who by the way just got his release papers from Camp Pendleton and did two tours in the Gulf! I told them that since the fishing was going to be slow I'd take them to Tortuga Island at no extra charge, because I want them to have the best chance to catch some fish.

Out at the island, it seemed to be getting a little breezy, but it was still fishable.

The first bait hit the water and Ben got bit, only to lose that fish in the rocks.

On the next pass, Brie hooked into a real big yellowtail and got beat up trying to fight that fish, only to get cut off right at deep color by her boyfriend who at that time hooked another fish which we did put in the box.

Now out of bait, we started fishing iron and where able to catch a mix of grouper, both sawtail and leopard. They told me it was the best time they had in years.

On my last day of fishing, before making a trip north, Alan Lewis and I did better on bait and we decided to try the Isla San Marcos bajos. We found out within seconds on the first drift that fish were there and ended up taking 8 nice yellowtail by 10:30. I love going out with a bang.

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