Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Yellowtail Shootout Fishing Tournament Results At Isla San Marcos

May 26, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The Isla San Marcos Yellowtail ShootOut all got started on Friday the 20th with the participant/captain meeting here at the club house around 6 p.m. We had around 30 people show up for this, all of whom were served refreshments and snacks. I handed out hats this year, along with the tournament rules and start/ending times.

Later that evening, we had the ES company of Guerrero Negro and I was invited to go over the same rules and also collect subscriptions for the tournament.

Day One: Before the tournament ensued that week yellowtail fishing was red hot one day and the next day dead, making me nervous to say the least. I was not only hoping that fishermen would have good fishing for the event, but also the first day's fish were to be used for the tacos on the last day!

So, with my ear glued to the VHF, I started to hear promising results coming back, and it held true. About 50 yellowtail were caught by the 27 anglers who weighed in fish. However we had close to 60 people in the event, so some did better than others. The big fish at the top of the leader board stood at 13.7 and 13.1 kilos, both caught on my boat ran by Daniel "Piojo Loco" Chiquete and his team.

Final Day: It was still anyones game. Most anglers fished longer and harder that last year's event and it paid off. First boat back was Alan Lewis and Kevin Ward on the Voodoo boat. Alan weighed in a whopper of 15 kilos and shot up the leader board in first place. But few minutes later Lou Gatto's fish hit the scales at 16.5 kilos. It was sure getting interesting. More and more fish kept coming in but none where big enough to topple our two leaders.

But where was my boat and the team that was in first place on day one? It was nearly the last boat to come in and with the last fish of size on the scale. It was just enough to take the lead, and it would end there, with Agustine Casanova in first place in the overall division.

Total Weight of Two Fish, One Fish Each Day: First Place, Agustine Casanova of Isla San Marcos. Second Place, Lou Gato of San Diego. Third place, Marika Anderson of Colo.

Biggest Single Fish: First Place, Alan Lewis of San Lucas Cove. Second place, Bill Connelly of Dallas. Third Place, Woodie Woodland of Orange County.

Lou Gatto, who caught the largest yellowtail and was also second place overall, was restricted by tournament rules to only one prize, so he opted to claim the second place overall prize, and also won the side jackpot.

We were able to surpass last year's money for the event with over 30,000 pesos. Thank you everyone! All proceeds were given to the athletics and recreation club for the children of Isla San Marcos.

I would like to thank the following contributors: Fisherman's Landing and Fisherman's Landing Tackle of San Diego; the Searcher; the Shogun; the Excel; the Qualifier 105; the American Angler; H&M Landing San Diego; the Indian; the Islander; the Producer; the Top Gun; the Cherokee Geisha; the Malihini; Lee Palms SP fishing ( the Red Rooster III); Cindy Groves of The Bay Club-Shelter Island San Diego; Kevin Ward of the Searcher; Sean Ward of Fisherman's Landing; Alan Lewis of the VooDoo Lounge; COMSA; Gene Kira of; Western Outdoor News (W.O.N.); Brenda Goodson of Las Casitas Santa Rosalia; and most of all the people who fished the event!

Isla San Marcos Yellowtail ShootOut Fishing Tournament photo 1

TOURNAMENT WINNER--Agustine Casanova (left), with tournament organizer Mike Kanzler of Isla San Marcos, took first place overall in the island's Yellowtail ShootOut Tournament. Photo courtesy Mike Kanzler.

Isla San Marcos Yellowtail ShootOut Fishing Tournament photo 2

OLD GUYS FISHING!--"Team Viejo" in the Isla San Marcos Yellowtail ShootOut tournament was made up of Sid Lindsay of San Lucas Cove, Spencer Abbott of San Demis, and Rod Abbott. Photo courtesy Mike Kanzler.

Isla San Marcos Yellowtail ShootOut Fishing Tournament photo 3

YELLOWTAIL SHOOTOUT--Tournament headquarters on Isla San Marcos for the second annual Yellowtail ShootOut tournament held last week. Photo courtesy Mike Kanzler.

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