Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Yellowtail, Sailfish And Marlin Present In Santa Rosalia Fishing Waters

June 25, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia fishing report, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Summer is here. The fishing is still good. Dorado are not around, but sailfish and marlin are.

The weather in the Santa Rosalia fishing area this week was hot. There was not much wind to speak of other than some afternoon southerly breezes, with air temperatures in the high 80s to 90. It looks like to stay this way for the next three months. Water temperatures got strange again, cool to 73 degrees on two days, then right back up to 78 to 80 degrees. Water visibility is fair around the islands at 30 feet, and great offshore to over 70 feet.

On the last good day of wide-open Yellowtail fishing on the bajos of San Marcos Island, the 72-foot sportfisher Don Juan with owner John Lyddon, his guest Capt. Pierre Desmet, crew members Raul and Ruebin, and Awesome Capt. G.J. Sacco running the boat, sat on the No Name bajo and just caught so many yellowtail until our arms couldn't catch any more. It was really a sight to see all those guys bent on the rail the whole morning on one of the nicest sportfishers anywhere. We don't get to see that around here all that much, but I do see them here yearly, for John has a place at nearby Punta Chivato.

Later in the week, I had Mike Schute and his buddy John fishing for two days. After making bait, we headed out to the reef and found that all good things come to an end. The yellowtail bite had slowed to a trickle. However where able to get enough bites to produce 6 yellowtail to 30 pounds and one stray 15 pound bull dorado, and if you can believe it, the only one for this month on my boat.

During the last two days, I had a good personal friend, as well a friend of our COMSA company, Alan Parker of Georgia Pacific, Tacoma, Washington, down with his two sons Bradley and Eric. We made the bait and while doing so noted that the water temperature had dropped a lot in just one day.

We rolled up on the bajos and the first two baits that hit the bottom saw Bradley and Eric on their first yellowtail. Nothing better in my eye than to see a kid's first Baja yellowtail. Eric's was pushing the 30 pound mark. We fished two days for a total of 7 yellowtail with a few too many lost, and the boys each got their first sailfish on the second day. A trip they won't soon forget.

What a strange year we're having, and where the hell are those dorado anyway?

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