Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
A Few Anglers See Good To Fair Fishing For Yellowtail In Local Waters

July 30, 2005, Mike Kanzler, Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico Report:

It's the last week of July and not as hot of a month as I can recall. Santa Rosalia fishing area weather has been moderate, right at 80 degrees for early mornings and evenings with just 90 for the afternoons. Humidity is around 60-70 percent. We had some wind and lighting a few days, but overall nice seas for the whole week. Water temps are 80-83 degrees and will stay this way until about mid-October. Visibility is a little better at 30-40 feet.

Fishing this week was good to fair at Santa Rosalia.

It's real light on tourists down here right now, and there are only a few full-time residents. I'll be making solo runs for most of the next two months. Residents present who live here and fish on a regular basis include Ed Hogan, who just became a full-timer, and Bill Hamiel who mostly dives. Other than local pangueros that I know that don't fish squid, it's pretty light on boaters now.

At the San Lucas Cove bait grounds I met up with one of the San Bruno pangueros. As we where catching our bait in the dark, I asked if they fished the day before. The reply was pretty good! Yellowtail, cabrilla and a grouper.

With the tank loaded with fresh mackerel, I headed out to fish. I had seen them fishing on the ridge near a spot called the twins bajo. When a local boat gets a bite going at a certain area they tend to stick it out for a week or so. I started fishing that area until the panga got out there and I could see where he was fishing the day before. That's called information network.

The first bait to hit the bottom sat around for until it started to quiver frantically and then get slammed! After two more yellowtail, the panga showed up and dropped anchor. The rest of the morning saw steady action for us and two other American boats. I finished the morning with 9 yellowtail in the 23-27 pound class. A excellent morning! This is summer, after all.

I told my kids I'd take them fishing the next morning if they like. I got up and saw strong winds and flashes in the dark sky. So we sat the day out and tried again tomorrow.

Much better, no wind and the flashes were far to the south.

When you take kids, one thing's for sure, they'll have fun just catching the bait. But this is summer and things change quickly. We struggled on the yellowtail, catching only one.

But the day was not over for there's always dorado. With a 4 mile run off the island I saw birds diving along a broken weed line and some free jumpers chasing flying fish too.

I break out the small jets and troll. After about an hour we trolled up a few dorado in the 8-12 pound class and the kids had a blast. On the last pass the water exploded behind the boat with a nice 20 pound class fish fully airborne. The kids where screaming and laughing as my son worked the fish in. As we headed back to the dock and the kids just beaming all the way. I reminded myself, enjoy them now, for they grow up too quick.

I do have some people fishing next week. We'll see what happens.

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