Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Hot August Weather And Sailfish Moving Through The Fishing Area

Aug. 21, 2005, Ed Hogan, San Bruno, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

Well we have been here almost two months now and we are adjusting through the heat and humidity. The air temperature has been running in the high 90s, the last couple of days the low 100s, with the humidity running 60 to 80 percent.

The electricity has been very dependable, only losing it about 6 times with a two hour maximum duration. We are learning about one new Spanish word a day, but my retention is only about 50 percent!

We love it here and are looking forward to cooler weather.

I found that two days of fishing a week is all I can handle in this heat. We are doing well and keeping the locals supplied with fresh fish, nothing goes to waste.

I fished Friday and Saturday this week off Santa Rosalia, with both days very difficult to make bait.

On Friday, I spent extra time trying to find the mackerel and got out to the bajo around nine o'clock, sighted a lot of sailfish in the area, but with limited bait we decided to stay with the yellowtail fishing.

At one point we saw five sailfish with sails up moving slowly through the area. We met two guys, Joel Baker from Encinitas, Calif., and Tom Haase from Springfield, Miss., fishing out of San Lucas Cove that hooked two sailfish, keeping one and releasing the other. Tom got one of the sailfish on spinning gear. After running the fish down they were able to boat it. Congratulations to Tom, his first sailfish and on spinning gear. Wow!

We ended the fishing day at noon with one yellowtail on bait and one on the yo-yo fishing the north end of Isla San Marcos in 200 to 250 feet of water.

Fishing on Saturday, I got and earlier start and got to the bajo around 7 a.m. with 10 mackerel and 3 corvina for bait.

What a difference it made getting to the bajo earlier. Every mackerel was bit and we ended up losing several yellowtail getting rocked. When we were out of mackerel we tried the corvina and also one live barracuda for bait with no success.

Looks like the yellowtail really like the mac's, so we fished the yo-yo on the deeper reefs and picked up two yellowtail and one cabrilla. No sign of the sailfish at the north end of Isla San Marcos today but I heard on the radio they were thick at Tortuga Island.

We ended the day at ten o'clock with four yellowtail on live bait and two yellowtail and one cabrilla on the yo-yo.

The water temperature is running 85 to 86 degrees at the north end of Isla San Marcos of Santa Rosalia, and water clarity is good.

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