Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
An Eight-Yellowtail Fishing Day During A Slow Week

Sept. 17, 2005, Ed Hogan, San Bruno, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico Fishing Report:

Overall the fishing at Santa Rosalia has been slow, but I had one good day this week.

We fished Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Making bait was not easy but manageable at San Lucas Cove. The majority of the baits were bigeyes. The mackerel were very difficult to find without running to Santa Rosalia.

The water temperature at the bajo at Isla San Marcos is running 84 degrees and visibility is good.

The weather here at Santa Rosalia is changing and the humidity and air temperature has dropped over the last week. It is actually very nice here now, no air conditioning needed.

Our total fish count for Monday was eight yellowtail, 10 to 35 pounds, one cabrilla, and one small dorado.

In fishing on Tuesday, the total was one yellowtail.

On Wednesday, the total was one yellowtail, one cabrilla, and one small dorado.

All of the smaller yellowtail were caught on iron, and the larger yellowtail were caught on live bait on the bajo at 250 feet deep on the north end of Isla San Marcos. The two cabrilla were caught in the same area also on live bait. One dorado was caught on live bait and one on the troll.

My friend Manuel Deal has been fishing with me regularly. I have been teaching him the techniques of yellowtail fishing with a rod and reel, and he has been teaching me how to dive for scallops. Yum. Manuel speaks very little English and I speak very little Spanish, but we both speak the universal fishing language.

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