Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
Billfish Producing Well For Offshore Fishing Boats

Nov. 12, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja, Mexico Fishing:

Santa Rosalia area fishing has still been great all week, only one day which was a little snotty due to wind.

Chuck, who I took to the hospital two years ago with a serious heart attack and who now has a pacemaker, managed to catch his first striped marlin out of a small aluminum cartop Gregor boat. He figures that he is going to ask the doctor to increase the voltage on his pacemaker from 6 volt to 12 volts to up the juice a little on these big fish.

The billfish continue to produce very well with up to a half-dozen takes a day, which is very good.

Tuna have continued to be available to those boats who were willing to go about 25 miles east of San Marcos Island.

Inshore fishing has been very good for everyone trolling close to shore with Rapalas for large jack crevalle, bonita, an occasional corvina, and the usual cabrilla.

John Bogert from Idaho who is a local trolling wizard had been filling the boat close to shore but got skunked the day he went out with me in pursuit of billfish.

The tournament from Mulege has been a real challenge as the weather went to complete slop with wind and nasty waves on Friday. Those guys who stuck it out were showing real true grit to even fish.

Ed Hogan from San Bruno on the Son Rise had a real nice fish and Alan Lewis (Voodoo Lounge) and Dave Hughes (Fish Pit) had a very respectable fish for the first day.

On the second day, Saturday, the weather was a little worse but Dave and Alan were out early to make bait and see what they could produce for the second day when David's battery went completely dead. Larry Chavez of Larry's Toy came to the rescue with a spare battery and they were soon underway with only 4 baits and a borrowed battery. By 9:30 they had another 35 pound class fish in the boat so they came in and went to the weigh-in.

Nov. 6, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Mexico Fishing Report:

We thought we had died and gone to heaven with all of the billfishing that can only be considered world class. Almost every Santa Rosalia area fishing boat that is out in the area reports multiple hookups with sailfish, striped marlin, and blue marlin.

We kept thinking that the water was going to cool down and the fish would start migrating out of the area, but everyday we keep getting excited reports of another hookup on billfish.

Dorado have moved into the area with the migration, and there have been some really nice fish in the 25 pound or more class. So if the dorado (also mahi-mahi) and the billfish aren't enough, then we get word that the yellowfin tuna are hitting about 20 miles past San Marcos Island. When we get there the next day there were over 50 sperm whales that were on the biggest feed I have ever seen. There were big whales breaching, and at any given time, there were 5 or 6 whale tails in the air. In the midst of this were porpoise and dolphin jumping and feeding, birds diving in the middle of this, and then big schools of tuna came crashing in the middle of this frenzy. Even though it was short lived, it was a feeding frenzy that you can only dream of.

The yellowfin were in the 50 pound class and literally ate anything that was in the water.

Yellowtail fishing is just starting to produce and we have seen some 25-30 pound fish coming off the north end of San Marcos Island.

As Santa Rosalia fishing water cools, the yellowtail are going to improve and the billfish and tuna will continue their way south. Of course that will allow us to rest up after the crazy frenzy, but then who is complaining.

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