Santa Rosalia, Mexico:
A Good Bite All To Ourselves While Fishing At San Lucas Cove

Nov. 26, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja Sur, Mexico Fishing:

The Santa Rosalia area fishing week started out with extreme frustration on everyone's part as the wind continued howling from the north.

Everyone at San Lucas Cove had already cleaned their fishing gear, trailers, campers, and vehicles the week before so there was not a lot to do except for listening to the wind blow.

Tuesday was the first day that was actually fishable and almost everyone stayed in camp except for myself with guests Nancy and Craig Burke from Loveland, Colorado, and Larry Sovern from Laguna Niguel, California.

Well, the fish wanted to chew and since there was no one else out there to bump into, we had a wonderful bite all to ourselves. My friends from Colorado had never caught a yellowtail before and figured all the stories I had told them about how hard these fish pull was mostly just a fish story "lie," but when they hooked into the first one they were sure that they had hooked at least a 100 pound fish.

While Craig was pumping the fish off of the bottom he commented that he was sure that we would not have room on the boat for the fish. When I scaled it at 26 pounds, he really wondered where I found such a defective scale.

On Wednesday there was a mass exodus from the San Lucas Cove campground and it looked like a boat show on the water. Everyone managed to hook a lot of fish and there were tired but happy looks from all of the fishermen.

My friend Craig pulled in four fish of up to 32 pounds and after getting the last fish to the boat, he put the rod down and said he really did not want to catch anything more, until the next day of course.

Inshore fishing has been very good with the San Lucas Cove "cartop armada" and lots of bonita, sierra, barracuda, and cabrilla have been showing up at the fish cleaning station. Water temperatures are dropping to around that 69 degree Fahrenheit level so we are hoping that the yellowtail start feeding on the surface.

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