Santa Rosalia, Mexico: Four Large Yellowtail Caught In Lumpy Fishing Waters

Dec. 4, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia fishing, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

The fishing week at Santa Rosalia started out with the usual wind from the north and no one was able to go out fishing, so we did the usual honey-do lists and sat in eager anticipation.

Wednesday seemed to be more of the same, but I decided to go and try to get out and "test the waters," so to speak. While it was a little rolly and lumpy, I made bait and decided to give it a go. By the time I got to the island, things were starting to lay down and and I had the entire reef all to myself. I managed 4 large yellowtail which were all from 25-30 pound range.

Friends from Colorado, Marcus White and his father John White from Tucson, Arizona flew in, and we helped them to settle in.

Friday was a mass exodus from the San Lucas Cove park and the bait hole looked like a parking lot for a Boat and Travel show.

John White had never caught a yellowtail before and when he got the first bite he used a few expletives to complain that he had snagged the bottom. Well, the bottom started swimming away and pretty soon he had a large yellowtail on board. John is 71 years of age and he managed to catch 4 large fish and only lost one at the boat.

With cooler fishing waters around Santa Rosalia, I saw a little activity on the surface so I flylined a bait and managed to catch two, one of which scaled out at 37 pounds 9 ounces.

Saturday, Santa Rosalia area seas were absolutely glassy and there were boats all over the reef. While fishing was a little slower, we managed 5 fish and Alan Lewis put 4 nice fish on board.

Marika Anderson hooked and landed a 37 pound fish which was a real struggle since she hooked the fish right next to the bottom.

Sunday, the wind started again so it looks as though we are going to be going through a wind cycle again and no one was able to get out.

Inshore fishing at Santa Rosalia has been very good for cabrilla and a few bonita thrown in for good measure. The sierra have been very scarce lately but we are definitely settling into the winter fishing pattern.

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