Santa Rosalia, Mexico: San Lucas Cove Winds Put Dent In Local Fishing

Dec. 17, 2005, Jim Anderson, San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Baja fishing, Mexico:

The water temperature is 61-62 degrees on the north side of San Marcos Island. We are glad to have Mike Kanzler back. It seems that he is more dependable than a GPS or a depth finder, and we just like to look at where he is fishing to figure out where the yellowtail are biting.

The wind has been a major factor at Santa Rosalia all week and it has really put a dent in the fishing.

Saturday was the first day that the wind was not howling so we made a good load of bait and headed for the reef north of San Marcos Island.

The fish are just starting to actively show on top and flylined baits, Surface Iron, and trolled plugs all produced when the fish came up and became active. It sure is more exciting than "winching" the fish off of the bottom.

Inshore fishing activity has been very good for the "cartop armada" and they have been really finding large schools of firecracker yellowtail close to the haystack.

Everyone is having a good time and the little yellowtail put up a remarkable fight for a small fish.

Cabrilla have been pretty active in the shallow water while bonita and sierra seemed to pretty much have moved out. Now if someone wanted to have a real ball with a flyrod, the barracuda have moved in with really large schools of fish. While they are a real nuisance when you are trying to make bait, they would be a lot of fun with light gear.

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